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Memba's Info!

Because our newsletter will be released
bi-monthly from now on,
we may have to rely
more on our website to get messages
out to members efficiently.

So please contact
and I will usually post your
information here on the same day.

If it can wait until the next newslette ,
please send your info/article to

There is a secret email address for
members only.
Use it to send a message to all known
NDSCC member's email in one go.
This single email address is all you
need to contact us all.
If you don't know it,
just ask at the next meeting.
If you're not on the email list
and you are an NDSCC member,
please email webmaster@ndscc.com
and I'll verify it for you.

If you have any queries about
how this special email address works,
I'll be happy to tell you at an
NDSCC meeting or over the phone.
I will not give out the details here.

Pine Rivers Festival
22 to 30 May 2010

Moreton Bay Show 'n' Shine
29 May 2010
register here asap
as entries are limited!

Brisbane Swap,

Capalaba State College.
30th May 2010
Hosted by the Queensland
Vintage Vehicle Association Inc.
Held at the Capalaba State College,
School Road Capalaba.
Gates open 6.00am.
Entry $4.00 per person, Site Fee $5.00.
Free off street parking,
No trucks over 4ton
No dogs allowed
Sites to be vacated by 2.00pm.
For further information,
please contact the Coordinators:
Frank Wegrzyniak on 0412 076 846 or
Cyril Conwell on 0428 971 434.

Wintersun 2010
Coolangatta / Tweed
4th to 14th June 2010

Wintersun Mildura 2010
13th to 16th August

NDSCC Event Calendar

For news and events, please check our latest newsletter, the famous Oily Rag Mag.


If you have info to add to this page, please contact webmaster@ndscc.com and I'll put it here!